Put Preschoolers in Your Community on a Path to Learning

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Offer highly-visual and content-rich digital learning that will appeal to young children who are at the peak of curiosity and wonderment. With accessibility on tablets and smart phones, and anytime, anywhere access, educational materials are now easier than ever to integrate into daily life.

eBooks Optimized for Desktop and Mobile Devices

GVRL Pre-K Titles

A recent study of children between the ages of 6 months to 4 years shows that by age 2, most kids have used mobile devices. The amount of time the children spent using devices rose as they got older, with 26% of 2-year-olds and 38% of 4-year-olds using devices for at least an hour.

To ensure your library’s youngest learners are building foundational literacy skills, support their interests with captivating eBooks from Britannica Digital Learning that cover shapes, animals, counting, and more.

Interactive Online Early Literacy Program

Miss Humblebee's Academy

Miss Humblebee’s Academy uses solid educational principles and lovable, appealing characters to prepare children ages 3 to 6 for kindergarten proficiency. Beyond making learning fun for children, it:

  • Includes hundreds of guided lessons with sound cues across many disciplines
  • Assesses skill levels and reports outcomes regularly including tools libraries need to measure their impact on early literacy development in their communities.
  • Provides parents weekly notification of curriculum progress

This program offers parents flexibility and offers children variety. With a combination of online and offline learning opportunities, kids can play and learn anywhere.

  • Access at the library or at home
  • Access on mobile devices (iPads, tablets, and Android smart phones)
  • 20% of the curriculum available as printables and practice worksheets, giving children practice using writing tools


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