Put Your Focus on Mental Health and Wellness This Month and Beyond

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| By Grace Gallagher, Executive Director, Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation |

When it comes to our calendars, our to-do lists, organizational charts, study guides, or lesson plan, we proactively take the time and care to become organized and prepare for the days and weeks ahead. I ask you to consider this, how many of us prepare our mental health care plan for the days and weeks ahead with the same diligence? What are we doing to proactively care for our mental health?

Feeling lost on what that even means? Do you intimately know exactly how crucial the balance of your mental health is?  Perhaps you have a basic appreciation for this idea but are lost in how to make it happen. The Cameron K Gallagher Foundation is all about bringing awareness, understanding, and education for mental health. Because Gale is a global leader in education, learning, and online research resources, they saw an opportunity to provide mental health eBook resources for so many who often are suffering in silence. The CKG Foundation and Gale work together to bring a collection of eBook resources so all of us can be empowered to take good care of ourselves and each other. The curated eBook collection, Cameron’s Collection, is named for my daughter Cameron who founded the CKG Foundation.  She knew what it was like to suffer and feel lost in the world of mental health. For a long time, she did not understand why she struggled but as she bravely faced her depression she saw light in her darkness—she saw hope. “Mom, I can really help people who are suffering because I understand, I get it.” Gale and Cameron, hand in hand are reaching and helping so many across the nation. I have to say I am very proud of them both!

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Let’s all make a pledge to make mental health a priority in education. In order to grow to our potential and be successful contributors to this world, we must make mental health a priority. We are losing too many who contemplate their worth, their existence on earth. 1 in 5 teens suffer. We all have the power to change this. Join Gale and the Cameron K Gallagher Foundation and be the light and offer hope through Cameron’s Collection.

To learn more, visit gale.com/sel.

Grace Gallagher

About the Author

Grace Gallagher is the Executive Director of the Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation and mother to 5 children. Whereas she did not write her life script to include being leader of an innovative non profit organization, she said YES when life called her to help teens and their families who suffer with anxiety, depression and mental illness. She has years of hands on experience loving and parenting a child with these challenges. Her work is the legacy mission of her second child, Cameron who founded the popular SpeakUp5k a race dedicated to celebrating the whole person and to providing support with a smile. Like her daughter, Grace wants the world to be unafraid to speak up about mental illness and to know there is help. Grace’s heart, passion and work ethic can be seen in the faces of her own children and the thousands of children and families that the CKG foundation impacts.

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