Readers are Raving Over New Five Star Western Titles

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Readers are already raving over Five Star’s two new Western titles recently added to their award-winning lineup. From bestselling authors to Booklist, the reviews are in—be among the first to take a look:

Flight of the Hawk: The River: A Novel of the American West, Book One by W. Michael Gear

*New York Times Bestselling Author
*USA Today Bestselling Author
*Spur Award-Winning Author
*International best-selling author with over 17 million copies in print worldwide
*Author of the bestselling Civil War novel, This Scorched Earth

Once again, New York Times and internationally best-selling author W. Michael Gear turns his master’s hand to the frontier West. In the vein of his best-selling Coyote Summer, Gear now takes us to the 1812 Missouri Fur Trade. An intimate of the Burr conspiracy, the condemned and hounded John Tylor signs on as boatman with Manuel Lisa’s expedition. But the river is now contested as the British, Spanish, and other fur companies prepare to break Lisa’s hold. As the expedition battles its way up the violent river, Fenway McKeever lurks in Tylor’s shadow. Not only is the half-mad McKeever paid to kill Tylor, but he’s convinced himself that by destroying Lisa’s expedition, he can sell his services to the highest bidder.

Flight of the Hawk is a fast-paced story of intrigue, set in 1812, during the fur trade and on the brink of war. This is a compelling, well-researched narrative, from beginning to end.”

John D. Nesbitt, Spur Award-winning author of Destiny at Dry Camp

Galloway’s Gamble by Howard Weinstein

*New York Times Bestselling Author
*Peacemaker Award Winner for Best First Western Novel

After the Civil War, bickering brothers Jamey and Jake Galloway set out from Serenity Falls, Texas to seek their fortune at poker tables across the west. Cautious Jamey prefers being a live coward to a dead hero, but brash big brother Jake rarely backs down from a fight. Cheated out of a fortune, they return to Texas to find their hometown threatened by a land-grabbing cattle king and a shady banker. Can Jamey and Jake cook up a scheme to outfox dirty-dealing scoundrels and save Serenity Falls—without getting themselves killed? Inspired by classics like Maverick, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Silverado and The Sting, Galloway’s Gamble is a timeless tale about battling greed and corruption, as relevant today as it was in 1873.

“Anyone who loves Charles Portis’s style of writing in True Grit, or readers ready [for] a great yarn . . . look no farther than Galloway’s Gamble.”

Jeb Rosebrook, True West Magazine

“A mixture of struggle, adventure, pathos, violence, and just a touch of humor, this read will appeal to those who root for the underdog.”


“Entertaining, heartwarming, and historically accurate. If you haven’t read a Weinstein novel before, start with this one, and be prepared to have a new favorite author.”

Jeff Guinn, author of the New York Times bestselling The Last Gunfight

Galloway’s Gamble is an odyssey through the West to manhood that should not be missed.”

Robert J. Randisi, award-winning, bestselling author of Return to Vengeance Creek

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