Relevance Default Sort Enabled In InfoTrac Products

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Good News! In an effort to further improve the user experience by delivering the most relevant articles among the first search results returned, we have enabled the default sort to Relevance for all InfoTrac products. Results will be ordered by relevance, and because currency is an important element of periodical content, the determination of relevance will contain a significant boost for recency. Users still have the ability to toggle and view by newest/oldest date if they choose during their research session.

Additionally, Gale has retired the “My Account” feature in InfoTrac products including PowerSearch, in favor of Google and Microsoft 365 collaboration tools our users are already employing. This change will provide one simple, seamless login experience, further enabling users to access Gale content anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

After authentication into Gale products:

  • Google users can easily share and download articles—including highlights and notes—using Google Apps for Education tools like Drive and Docs.
  • Microsoft users can store, sync, and share files in the cloud by downloading Gale content to their OneDrive account— allowing content to easily transfer for use in other Microsoft tools like OneNote.


Periodical products affected by this update include:

  • Academic OneFile
  • Agriculture Collection
  • Business Economics & Theory Collection
  • Communication and Mass Media Collection
  • Computer Database
  • CPI.Q (Canadian Periodicals Index Quarterly)
  • Criminal Justice Collection
  • Culinary Arts Collection
  • Diversity Studies Collection
  • Educator’s Reference Complete
  • Environmental Studies & Policy Collection
  • Expanded Academic ASAP
  • Fine Arts & Music Collection
  • Gardening, Landscaping & Horticulture Collection
  • Gender Studies Collection
  • General Business File ASAP
  • General OneFile
  • General Reference Center
  • General Reference Center Gold
  • General Science Collection
  • Health Reference Center Academic
  • Home Improvement Collection
  • Hospitality, Tourism, and Leisure Collection
  • Informe Académico
  • InfoTrac Custom Collections
  • InfoTrac Educators Reference Complete
  • InfoTrac Elite 500
  • InfoTrac Newsstand
  • InfoTrac Student Edition
  • Insurance & Liability Collection
  • LegalTrac
  • Military and Intelligence Database
  • Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Collection
  • Pop Culture Collection
  • Popular Magazines
  • Professional Collection
  • Psychology Collection
  • Religion and Philosophy Collection
  • Small Business Collection
  • Tourism Hospitality and Leisure Collection
  • U.S. History Collection
  • Vocations & Careers Collection
  • War and Terrorism Collection
  • World History Collection


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