Sacred Space

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By Cyn D. 

The building is still there, though it’s used as a “performance” space now, I believe. But the majestic marble and wood rotunda of the Main Library in downtown Chicago was a magic portal, a grand and sacred space. The huge rooms surrounding the rotunda offered not just books but movies, vinyl recordings of the jazz greats and classics of all genres, art work you could actually take home and place on your own walls…amazing treasures.

For a child of the mean streets of the South side, this was a safe haven–a world of wonders. It also nurtured my love of the written word. So my writing career began in those gigantic and yet warm and welcoming rooms. I would become a reporter for the “Chicago Sun Times” when I grew up–a published author, too. And all because I wanted to be on those big beautiful shelves someday, next to my favorite authors.

The Main Library, is where I took my first steps of that journey. How I wish my own daughter could have experienced that, too.Air Jordan 1 Mid “What The Multi-Color” For Sale – Chnpu

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