Saving My Butt in Seattle

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By Janet C. 

I decided to move out West to Seattle for an adventure when I was in my early 30’s. So, I decided to pack up my entire apartment and stuff it all in a 15′ Ryder truck and travel through the daunting, but beautiful landscapes of Montana, the Badlands, Northern Idaho, and Eastern Washington State. I arrived without a job, but enough money to survive and get a new apartment. The economy in Seattle was strong, and for some reason, probably because I had uprooted myself over 2,000 miles away from the only state I have ever called home (Michigan), I went through many jobs. And, I couldn’t afford a computer. So, I would trot over, several times a week, to the West Seattle Public Library to search and apply for jobs, and to check my email. Without the library’s free web access, I wouldn’t have been able to make it for five years in this new land. I found jobs as an administrative assistant, a clerk for a local union, and job as a barista at the Alki bakery. It was a great, but relatively small old brick library, with a very friendly and helpful staff. It helped me make it through. Besides being a lifeline at the time, I flat-out love libraries! They offer stimulation, community education, connections to your community, creativity, and solace. The world would be a much bleaker place without them!Weight Loss Transformations – Lose Weight Running Stories

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