School Library Journal Reviews Gale In Context: For Educators

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Whether in the traditional library or classroom environment, or delivering a remote learning experience, school librarians and teachers must continuously collaborate to ensure students successfully meet learning objectives. 

Help ensure student success by giving educators a better way to approach lesson planning. Gale In Context: For Educators allows teachers to curate their curriculum by accessing state and national standards-aligned content sourced from their Gale In Context student databases, along with exclusive lesson plans, activities, and project plans to fuel learning wherever it takes place.

Recently, School Library Journal published a review of Gale In Context: For Educators, highlighting its digital features and tools:

“This platform leverages the vast amount of material in Gale’s In Context resources. With the ability to export and embed items and collections in a learning management system, in Google, and in Microsoft, educators can supplement a textbook or create units that meet [student] needs. For schools already subscribed to Gale In Context databases, Gale In Context: For Educators is sure to boost usage and allow teachers to deliver targeted search results.”
— Maggie Knapp, Librarian, Trinity Valley School, Fort Worth, TX

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