Science Behind the Headlines—U.S. Abandons the Paris Climate Agreement

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| By Debra Kirby |

On June 1 President Trump’s announcement that the United States will exit the Paris climate accord made headlines throughout the world. To learn more about the agreement, climate change, global warming, and other topics relevant to this news, Gale’s databases are the perfect resource.

Learn more about the Paris Climate Agreement from Science In Context.

Unclear on the difference between Global Warming and Climate Change—which are sometimes used interchangeably by non-scientists? Science In Context has the answer here!

If you’re more of a visual learner, watch this mini-lecture on global warming, or watch this interview with President Obama on the Threat of Climate Change.

You can also delve into more locally focused coverage, including how some communities are dealing with the current and future consequences of a warming planet

And if you are already well-educated on these topics and ready to take a much deeper dive, check out some of the thousands of academic journal articles in Science In Context. Here is one example.

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When Debra, a 30-year veteran of the publishing industry, is not working or reading, she can be found gardening, running, swimming, or pursuing the lifelong learning that is at the tip of her fingers via Gale databases.


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