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From developing technical skills that support career advancement to learning soft skills that support personal growth, patrons accomplish their goals with the help of librarians who connect them to high-quality, self-paced courses on Gale Presents: Udemy.

With over 25,000 courses in over 75 categories, Gale Presents: Udemy offers diverse options for patrons to upskill for work, school, and life. Connect your learners to thousands of on-demand video courses that are current, highly rated, and curated to teach today’s top skills. Patrons can get certified in cyber security, learn a new language, skill up on generative AI tools, explore their creativity, and so much more.

Give patrons the tools they need to accomplish both professional and personal pursuits. Gale Presents: Udemy courses cover the types of skills that can meet a wide variety of needs.

  • Technical skills like IT certifications prep, cloud computing, web development, data science, and cyber security.
  • Role-based skills like project and product management, finance, marketing, sales/customer service, and human resources.
  • Soft skills like communication, leadership, and management.
  • Personal development skills like wellness, stress management, time management, arts and leisure, and language learning.

So what skills are library patrons developing most often with Gale Presents: Udemy?

  1. Python 
  2. Web Development  
  3. React JS 
  4. JavaScript 
  5. AWS Certified Solutions Architect—Associate 
  6. Amazon AWS 
  7. Java 
  8. CompTIA Security+ 
  9. Excel 
  10. SQL 

The latest usage data reveals that Gale Presents: Udemy users are most focused on learning technology skills, with 82.9% of time spent learning on the platform focused on these topics.

From programming to data analysis, these skills keep learners up to date on today’s evolving technology landscape—and competitive in the job market.

Here are a few of today’s most popular Gale Presents: Udemy technology courses:

  • 100 Days of Code: The Complete Python Pro Bootcamp
  • The Complete 2024 Web Development Bootcamp
  • JavaScript Basics for Beginners
  • AWS Certified Data Engineer Associate 2024—Hands On!
  • Microsoft Excel—Excel from Beginner to Advanced
  • The Ultimate MySQL Bootcamp: Go from SQL Beginner to Expert
  1. Stock Trading 
  2. Digital Marketing 
  3. Business Analysis 
  4. Project Management
  5. Investing 
  6. PMI Certified Associate in Project Management 
  7. Scrum 
  8. Leadership 
  10. Product Management 

Developing today’s leading business skills can help patrons upskill in their current careers or pivot to a new industry. From project management to digital marketing to leadership, professionals in business can leverage a mix of role-based skills and soft skills to accomplish their career goals.

Here are some of today’s leading Gale Presents: Udemy business courses:

  • Investing In Stocks: The Complete Course! (17+ Hours)
  • Digital Marketing Masterclass—24 Marketing Courses in 1
  • The Business Intelligence Analyst Course 2024
  • The Project Management Course: Beginner to PROject Manager
  • Scrum Master Certification 2024 + Agile Scrum Certification
  • Leadership: How to Influence, Inspire, and Impact as a Leader
  1. Personal Growth 
  2. Arts & Creativity  
  3. Health & Fitness 
  4. Life Skills 
  5. Entrepreneurship 
  6. Hobbies 
  7. Stress Management 
  8. Language Learning 
  9. Personal Finance 

While most of the time spent learning on Gale Presents: Udemy is concentrated on professional skills, 7.3% of all time spent on the platform is invested in personal development. Empower your patrons to pursue their goals in health and fitness, language learning, new hobbies, stress management, and other life skills.

Here are some of the most popular personal development courses on Gale Presents: Udemy

  • Growth Mindset: The Key to Confidence, Impact, and Fulfillment
  • Character Art School: Complete Character Drawing
  • Stress Management: 40+ Easy Ways to Deal with Stress
  • Spanish for Beginners: The Complete Spanish Course. Level 1.
  • The Complete Personal Finance Course: Save, Protect, Make More

Interested in exploring all the skills your patrons can learn in Gale Presents: Udemy? Browse the 2024 course catalog or request a trial from your Gale rep.

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