Self-Improvement Resources For Getting Passed Crossroads

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By Tina Creguer

Rebecca used to think that her life would be uneventful at this stage, but, boy, was she wrong. Her son recently moved out and married, and she completed a degree program—just as her position was eliminated at her long-time employer. She has identified an opportunity in a nearby community and is considering starting her own business. Some days, she feels that the possibilities are endless. Other days, she’s overwhelmed and some self-doubt is starting to creep in. She’s looking for information to help her regain her confidence so she can move forward with some assurance that she is making good decisions that will shape her future.

Some 2,500 years ago, ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus asserted: “The only constant is change.”  In our fast-paced world, the rate of change can be dizzying. Members of your community are adapting every day to such events as divorce, career transitions, moves, and other life changes. For Self-Improvers, these events bring new opportunities to reinvent themselves and seek new levels of well-being.

Your library can provide enriching resources that help patrons initiate positive change.  And with the New Year approaching, you can prepare now to support patrons’ resolutions – starting off the year with small, manageable changes to their lifestyle.

Arm your community for self-reinvention with:

*One student had this to say about our online course, Skills for Making Great Decisions:  “A dynamite course experience, I learned a great deal from the material, and it gave me exactly what I needed to forge ahead in planning for a new business venture I have been hesitating about several months.”  Hmmm, could be just what Rebecca needs!

Learn about all our resources for The Self-Improver.

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tina.creguerAbout the Author

Tina has been a library fan-girl since childhood, when she visited weekly with her family.  She can be found many mornings standing outside her hometown library at opening time, waiting to nab a study room.


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