Shanghai University Acquires Gale Scholar to Support Digital Humanities Growth

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| By Gale Staff |

Shanghai University has acquired Gale Scholar, opening up new possibilities for research and study using the expansive content and powerful search technologies of Gale Primary Sources. The resources are available to nearly 58,000 students across the university’s three campuses. The university also purchased Gale Digital Scholar Lab (the Lab), as it looks to advance in the growing field of digital humanities. The Lab makes digital humanities methods available to students and researchers, enabling them to analyze and interpret large amounts of data, fostering twenty-first-century skills they can use after graduation. Shanghai University joins the list of distinguished universities in China to implement Gale Scholar.

“Shanghai University was the first university established by the Communist Party of China. Our mission is to build a world-class research institution by giving scholars diverse digital resources that bring new perspectives,” said Pan Shouyong, director of the Shanghai University Library. “Gale Scholar and the Lab support this goal by providing primary sources from prestigious institutions across the world to build our digital humanities capabilities.”

Read the press release to learn more about Shanghai University and why it chose to partner with Gale.

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