Social Skills in the Digital Age

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Posted on November 10, 2015

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Communication is more complex than ever.  Today, we tweet, chat, blog, email, text,…and, oh yeah…talk.  New tools that enhance communication can also complicate it, making it difficult to navigate professional communication and steering people away from face-to-face communication that was more typical for earlier generations.

To support the development of social and professional communication skills, your library is offering a new online resource.  Life and Career Skills: Social Skills provides simple, straightforward guidance to enhance verbal, written, and non-verbal communication that’s useful in all aspects of life.  It’s designed especially for young adults who are entering the workforce or transitioning to new environments.


From vocal pitch to pitching ideas
This eBook helps readers gain practical knowledge in a wide variety of communication areas, including:

  • Verbal/spoken communication – covering tone and pitch, face-to-face conversations, web conference calls, presentations, and more
  • Nonverbal communication – listening skills, body language, and other cues and signals
  • Written and visual communication – personal vs. professional communication, including articles, social media posts, and more
  • Project management – time management, coordinating resources, and other essential skills
  • Problem-solving and decision-making – from basic steps to specific techniques for approaching problems and evaluating options
  • Conflict resolution – tips and techniques for managing and resolving conflict, mediating conflict among others, and managing related stress
  • Professional ethics – including examples of employee misconduct and unethical behavior
  • Workplace etiquette and conduct – from first impressions to meeting etiquette and professional attire
  • Teamwork skills and healthy team dynamics – identifying your own strengths/weaknesses, recognizing/appreciating diversity, understanding team culture, and overcoming challenges
  • Negotiation – formal and informal negotiation; the arts of persuasion and influencing
  • Leadership – understanding what makes a good leader and how to become one

Charts, graph, pictures, and other visual aids illustrate concepts to make them easier to grasp and apply.  And helpful hints provide additional assistance, and a comprehensive index makes it easy to pinpoint information of interest (or you can search the entire book easily for any term).

Bonus: Concepts are communicated in an easy-to-use format
Life and Career Skills: Social Skills can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and on nearly any device – and in the form of communication you like best.  If you prefer verbal communication, you can choose to “hear” this valuable information rather than read it, using the text-to-speech option.  You can also download or email individual documents to refer to later.

We invite you to check out this title today.  It’s available online through our website. <add your library’s link to the title on GVRL>


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