Speech, Language, and Hearing Activities Added to Gale Interactive: Human Anatomy

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| By Gale Staff |

Gale Interactive: Human Anatomy combines interactive 3D models, guided activity sessions, contextual reference content, and formative assessment to create an engaging learning experience for anatomy students. Now we’ve added 16 new sessions to Human Anatomy, focusing on the speech, language, and hearing systems—essential content for all students, but of special benefit to those in the communication sciences, including speech and language pathology and audiology.

The new sessions focus on the head and neck, detailing the anatomy of the ear, mouth, and throat. Nerves, muscles, and regions of the brain involved in speech, language, and hearing are also included, with sessions that illuminate the relationship between these structures and communication disorders.

Next Steps

No action is needed—existing users will see these updates automatically appear within the product.

As always, follow product updates on the Gale support site to stay informed about updates made to your Gale resources.

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