Stand Up for Patrons Seeking Cancer Information

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Posted on May 16, 2016

Each year, about 14 million people around the world learn they have cancer, according to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. But with improved screening and treatment methods, many now survive the once-deadly diagnosis when they connect with information and health providers who can support their treatment.

Does your library have the resources cancer patients in your community and their family members need?

Treatments, therapies, care, and more

When someone receives a cancer diagnosis, they feel a range of emotions–disbelief, fear, anger. As they work through those emotions, they want support – emotional, clinical, and informational. Your library can help meet those needs, with the Gale Encyclopedia of Cancer.

This new edition is fully updated and provides a comprehensive survey of cancers, cancer drugs, traditional and alternative treatments, diagnostic procedures, cancer-related side effects, prevention methods, and other topics. It provides easy-to-understand yet detailed information to give immediate answers to important questions.

This resource fills an important gap between basic consumer cancer resources and highly technical professional materials. Written by medical specialists, the information provided is reliable and trustworthy, served up in 618 articles.

275 full-color illustrations and tables give readers greater insight. And valuable additions such as “Questions to Ask Your Doctor” make this resource a practical tool for navigating a complex situation.

In addition to providing overviews and answering specific questions, Gale Encyclopedia of Cancer gives patients and caregivers reliable, understandable information that helps them make informed choices about their care.

Because this title is delivered as an eBook on the GVRL platform, patrons can access vital information anywhere, any time of day, on nearly any device.

We invite you to invest in your community’s health and bring this content to patrons today. Ask us for more information or request a free trial today.Air Jordan 1

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