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From the high school or community college student just embarking on a career to someone seeking a new job opportunity, Gale Presents: Peterson’s Test and Career Prep* is essential. For test takers, there’s standardized test preparation, ideal for researching undergraduate, graduate, and vocational programs; finding tuition assistance, and exploring and preparing for careers. Job seekers can take advantage of personalized career assessments, which are identified from the user’s values, personality, and workplace preferences. The resumé editing software powered by VisualCV helps users build and edit a resumé―or even create a website.

Gale Presents: Peterson’s Test and Career Prep* has a new look and feel―and an improved user experience. The platform will be easier to use as well as support more diverse learning styles.


Gale Presents: Peterson’s Test and Career Prep* will now support Spanish language learners by adding the ability to translate the site into Spanish. Over the next year, the resource will roll out Spanish language content, specifically focusing on test content.

To support easier reading, the new platform will include increased contrast.


The new design will help learners, whether career-oriented or academic-focused, find resources such as blog posts, practice tests, videos, courses, etc. that will move them toward their goals.


The enhanced experience allows users to find what they’re looking for more quickly. The experience will include search assist, which will auto-complete suggested search results for the user, so they will be able to better find what they’re looking for―especially when navigating all the acronyms that tests have. 

We’ve also made it easier to save content. Instead of just saving tests, users will also be able to save schools, internships, and courses, so they can find what they’re looking for and come back to it quickly.


We know that learning should be a more interactive experience, and Peterson’s is working to reflect that in content. We’re adding more video lessons and interactive content to our courses every quarter, such as flashcards and matching activities, so students can remain engaged while preparing for tests or getting ready to enter the workforce.

Peterson’s Test and Career Prep is part of the Gale online learning set of resources designed to help learners meet their goals at every stage of their lives and careers with the new Online Learning Patron Portal. Learn more or request a trial for any of these resources today!

*Including Gale Presents: Peterson’s Test Prep and Gale Presents: Peterson’s Career Prep

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