Supporting Teen Health in Your Community

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| By Tara Atterberry |

Gale has recently compiled collections of eBooks targeted at aiding public libraries in providing content that helps patrons form opinions and answer questions regarding topics that are important within their communities.

One of these is our handpicked teen health eBook collection, which provides timely and authoritative content on a myriad of adolescent physical, social, and emotional health-related issues, many of which previous generations of teens didn’t face on a daily basis.  This collection is relevant to all those who interact with teenagers in familial, social, personal, medical, educational, spiritual, and/or professional environments.  This collection includes searchable digital access to eBooks, such as:

  • Transgender Life, 1st Edition, which provides an understanding of the transgender experience, starting with evidence and treatment of transgender people throughout history, challenges related to coming out as transgender, dealing with gender dysphoria, questions related to transitioning, and a discussion of rights and legal issues, with a variety of perspectives represented.
  • Bullying, 1st Edition, which presents context for today’s concerns on this topic, including a history of bullying through the ages and early studies and attempts to curb bullying behavior.
  • Dating and Mating in a Techno-Driven World: Understanding How Technology Is Helping and Hurting Relationships, 1st Edition, which investigates how technology plays a role in creating conflict or additional anxiety and discloses techniques to help individuals gain confidence or strengthen their personal relationships.

Additional topics include the opioid epidemic, the psychology of socializing, hate crimes, the legalization of marijuana, Human rights in the LGBT Community, self-image and self-confidence, eating disorders, and many more.

Keep your collection current, when your patrons need it most. Request more information about the teen health eBook collection or one of several other collections that support diverse learning desires.

Meet the Author

Tara Atterberry has been with Gale for 23 years and has recently moved to the B-FLASH team, where she manages biography and genealogy content.  In her free time, she enjoys scrapbooking, herding her three cats, and spending time with her two teenage daughters, who consistently remind her that she doesn’t know a thing.

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