In Other News: Charlie Hebdo

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By Michelle Eickmeyer

J’adore Paris au printemps. Et en été, et à l’automne, et l’hiver. Paris holds some of my favorite memories, and now a bit of heartbreak.

The attacks against the Charlie Hebdo staff was horrifying. In principle, the idea that killing someone who says/does something you don’t like is atrocious, cowardly, and undermining to your cause. But life is rarely as easy as that and understanding the values and beliefs of participants on either side often make it more difficult to see a clear common ground. Sadly, acts like this make it impossible to keep/gain a level-head. Proponents will cheer while opponents jeer. Both loudly, toward each other, without the ability to hear the other. It remains to be seen if that can be improved with time. History would indicate a cautious probably not.

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