A Raisin in the Sun Premieres on Broadway

| By J. Robert Parks | A Raisin in the Sun was one of the most significant American plays of the twentieth century. Written by Lorraine Hansberry, it portrays a multigenerational, working-class Black family living in a cramped home in Chicago, Illinois, but dreaming of something more. It received its Broadway premiere 65 years ago … Read more

Iconic Apple Commercial Debuts, December 31, 1983

| By J. Robert Parks | Television commercials that have resonated with the U.S. public have historically relied on jingles, catchphrases, or quirky humor. Yet one of the most famous ads in television history had none of those. Instead, it featured a dystopic vision based on George Orwell’s book 1984 and didn’t even show the … Read more

King Defeats Riggs, September 20, 1973

| By J. Robert Parks | The place of women in society—and especially women in sports—has changed so much in the last 50 years that most students today couldn’t imagine what passed for normal in 1973. Today, women athletes have fought for the right to be paid the same as male athletes; many female athletes … Read more

Susan B. Anthony Found Guilty for Illegal Voting

| By J. Robert Parks | Susan B. Anthony, a familiar name to most history educators, was one of the leading figures in the women’s rights movement in the nineteenth century―especially in the push for women’s suffrage. What many people may not know is that one of her early actions in that movement was voting … Read more

Watergate Hearings Began 50 Years Ago

| By J. Robert Parks | The Watergate affair that brought down Richard Nixon’s presidency began in June 1972 with a poorly executed crime, a “third-rate burglary attempt” as the White House called it. That incident and the cover-up that followed compelled Nixon to resign two years later. There were many factors that led to … Read more

Celebrate Women’s History Month with Gale In Context

| By Kris Krapp | From abolitionists and authors to entertainers and world leaders, there are countless women worth celebrating during Women’s History Month. Need inspiration for women to highlight in your school or library? Explore ideas to help students learn about women’s history using Gale In Context resources. Start Women’s History Month with Gale’s … Read more