Guiding Learning with Hispanic Heroes Biographies

| By Gale Staff | Biographies can be popular resources for students and teachers because they fill a wide range of interests and spark conversation about a multitude of subjects. Gale In Context: Elementary includes scores of interesting, engaging biographies—with many about Hispanic icons and leaders who have made important contributions in their respective fields. This … Read more

“Like working for AP and having access to the morgue”

Recently, we sat down with K Lee Lerner–a senior commissioning editor and advisor/contributor to news services and academic resources. Lerner’s portfolio covering science and global issues includes two RUSA Book and Media Awards, and two Outstanding Academic Titles. A former classroom teacher,  Lerner holds multiple degrees in science, science education, and also a  Master’s in Journalism from Harvard.  We asked him to critically review our new Associated Press Collections Online archives. We hope his insights will help you to see the real value in these collections for active journalists and students alike.

Read more“Like working for AP and having access to the morgue”