This Valentine’s Day, Inspire Curiosity in Your Young Learners

American Valentine’s Day is defined by chocolate boxes, flowers, and dinner dates, but the holiday has some intriguing historical roots and is celebrated in several countries around the world. This February 14 is a school day, so why not create some engaging Valentine’s Day-themed lesson plans for your young learners? Students can still craft Valentine’s … Read more

From Advice Columns to Comics: 300 Years of Valentine’s Day Celebrations

| By Kevin Kohls | Besides being a great excuse to eat candy, Valentine’s Day is a fascinating holiday to look back at primary source documents. From advertisements, love columns, children’s books and even notes primary sources offer a multitude of perspectives from which to analyze the history of Valentine’s day. Organized chronologically the documents … Read more

A Literary Un-Valentine’s Day

Every Valentine’s Day we are bombarded with idealized images of true love and passion, and for the unlucky in love, the holiday can be difficult to stomach. In the spirit of demonstrating that matters could be worse, we offer two literary anti-love-scenes, taken from the digital pages of Literature Criticism Online. Consider the plight of … Read more