Teaching Students about Political Extremism with Gale Case Studies

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| By Gale Staff |

People may feel that the growing political division in the United States, and even around the world, is something new. Although intensified by issues such as a global pandemic, growing civil rights protests, and the use of social media to express one’s opinions, political extremism isn’t a new idea. It’s important for students to realize that the political ideology of today has been influenced by the ideas of those from the past. Through Gale Case Studies: Political Extremism, students can learn about previous Far Left and Far Right groups and how they impacted past and present political decisions from those who experienced these events firsthand.

Gale Case Studies: Political Extremism allows faculty to use case studies and engaging primary source content to teach students how events, people, and ideas of the past can relate to current issues. For example, the case study on Female Activism in the Black Panther Party can be compared to how people view today’s Black Lives Matter Movement, or how the Marketing Hate case study can be used to teach how some people currently view former President Donald Trump and his supporters using social media to advance their ideas.

Faculty can use Gale Case Studies: Political Extremism to aid students who are having difficulty with digital literacy and critical-thinking skills since the module provides a guided experience for students. The case study includes the contextual material for the primary sources that have been curated by academics, while discussion questions give students the opportunity to analyze the primary sources through a critical lens. With learning management system (LMS) integration, Political Extremism allows a seamless way for faculty to embed the module into their course so that students have easy access to the content in a remote teaching environment.

Gale Case Studies: Political Extremism is the latest in a series of modules included on the Gale Case Studies platform. In addition to Political Extremism, the product includes modules on Intersectional LGBTQ Issues and Public Health Issues. Upcoming modules on Race and Civil Rights, Women’s Issues, and Refugees and Migration will provide an interdisciplinary way for faculty to use primary sources to teach contemporary issues in courses such as history, gender studies, sociology, psychology, English, and law.

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