The “Best Of” Novels for Students

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| By Michelle Lee, Sr Content Developer |

The Novels for Students series has been providing readers with a guide to understanding, enjoying, and studying novels for over 20 years.  The series, which has covered over 850 novels across 60 volumes, is specifically designed to meet the curricular needs of high school and undergraduate college students and their teachers.

Gale’s Best of Novels for Students, Volume 60the first of our new For Students “Best Of” volumes—is now available! It includes fourteen brand-new entries on novels that have been previously covered in the series—completely rewritten and updated, containing all new criticism and images. The entries include novels considered to be part of the literary canon and “most studied” classics, such as Frankenstein, The Great Gatsby, and To Kill a Mockingbird, as well as more contemporary and popular works, such as The Kite Runner and The Life of Pi.

Two more “Best Of” volumes will be released this year: Poetry for Students, Volume 61 (June 2019) and Short Stories for Students, Volume 50 (November 2019).  The “Best Of” Drama for Students, Volume 37, is set to publish in April 2020.

Every entry in the For Students series includes an author biography, plot summaries and character descriptions, and a discussion of the themes, style, and historical context of the work.  In addition, entries include a critical overview, criticism, as well as a list of sources, suggestions for further reading, and search terms.

For Students entries contain many classroom-ready features, including:

  • Critical thinking questions
  • Classroom activities
  • Primary source links
  • Media adaptations
  • Compare and contrast sidebars
  • “What Do I Read Next?” suggestions

For Students titles have long been a cornerstone in many libraries and classrooms.  The “Best Of” volumes provide a new voice to the classic works and popular novels covered in the series. They are a great resource for students and provide clear connections for classroom and teacher use.

 Gale’s Novels for Students, Volume 60 is available in print and eBook format on GVRL.

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Michelle is a senior content developer at Gale, where she works on the K12 Curriculum and Humanities team. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and going for walks with her dog, Moose.


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