The Research Librarian of the Future: data scientist and co-investigator

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In the article by The London School of Economics ans Political Science, Jeannette Ekstrom, Mikael Elbaek, Chris Erdmann and Ivo Grigorov discuss the disconnect between how research librarians see their role and its responsibilities and how theses are viewed by their faculty colleages. They rein in on their ideas on how the research librarian of tomorrow may work leveraging new data science and digital skills to drive digital scholarship, collaboration and research needs.

“Imagine research librarians as equal partners in the research process, helping a researcher in any discipline to map existing knowledge gaps, identify emerging disciplinary crossovers before they even happen, and assist in the formulation and refinement of frontier research questions.”

“Imagine a librarian who understands, in pragmatic terms, the benefits of Open Science to the discovery process. Imagine a librarian who also has practical advice on how to make those ideas part of your daily workflow. Would you like that librarian to help you kick-start your academic career?”

The authors discuss how many capabilities we would like to see in or libraries and in our librarians may not be so far fetched and in many cases are already happening. ┬áLearn about some of those instances that are happening now and also how by making the future librarian a research partner to faculty it changes how the librarians role is perceived and developing better collaboration and outcomes. Read full article…

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