The Secret of Our Success Team

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| With Emily Sementilli, Senior Manager, Customer Success |

Do you know about Gale’s extended support? Whether you’re a current customer or plan on being one in the near future, we wanted to give you a little intel on our customer success team. Along with extensive product knowledge, this team is dedicated to working with libraries on everything from how to market Gale products to discovery. Find out what that could mean for your library!

Q. What is a customer success manager?

A. Our customer success team is dedicated to ensuring that libraries get the most out of the partnership with Gale. A customer success manager is your personal contact at Gale for any and all support needed with your digital resources.

Q. How can a customer success manager help me?

A. They assist with everything from implementation of a new resource to strategies for increasing awareness and usage. Our focus is on helping your library maximize the effectiveness of your Gale resources with proven best practices.

Q. What is the most frequently asked question?

A. Most often we’re asked how to improve discovery. How can you make people in the community aware of what you offer? We discuss best practices and share digital materials available at This includes direct URLs, MARC records, database icons, widgets, and more. We also assist with establishing authentication methods to help patrons easily access Gale resources.

Q. What kind of digital support does Gale offer?

A. In addition to supporting your Gale resources, we can also help with boosting your web presence with a free custom Gale Pages website. This mobile-friendly site can help drive more traffic to your library’s resources. We help you customize it to highlight resources by user group, subject, library programming, and more.

Q. Can I get help with resource training?

A. Absolutely! Your customer success manager knows Gale products well and can give you a product overview. Additionally, our training team hosts monthly and on-demand webinars, and provides digital support materials including video tutorials. While content varies by product, is a great place to turn to as well.

Q. Where is the team headed and what’s new?

A. Look for to keep on growing. Currently, we’re in the process of building social media marketing strategies and support tools for libraries just starting as well as posts for those who have active channels. Gale has gone through a rebranding and we’re looking forward to having fresh digital promotional materials to share with our customers on the horizon. Look for more in 2018!

Q. How do I contact my customer success manager?

A. You can reach out to us anytime at [email protected] or log into to find your customer success manager.

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