The Verdict Is In: Theism and Atheism “Makes Philosophy Understandable”

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Theism and Atheism: Opposing Arguments in Philosophy is a peer-reviewed volume with two separate editors in chief. The atheism side is led by Graham Oppy (Australian philosopher, Monash University). The theism side is led by Joseph Koterski, S.J. (American philosopher, Fordham University) and includes Christian, Jewish, and Muslim philosophers. Both sides worked together to identify 20 key topics in philosophical debates regarding arguments for and against the existence of God.

This month, Library Journal published a review of this title:

“This unique reference tackles the philosophy of theism and atheism . . . Both groups examine a wide variety of examples and make philosophy understandable to interested readers . . . Some essays were written by individual scholars; others were penned by a group—this rich variety provides balance and a breadth of perspective on the issues . . . VERDICT: Recommended for anyone researching a topic within religious philosophy or exploring theism or atheism. Suitable for academic libraries and large public libraries.” 
– Ray Arnett, Anderson, SC

Theism and Atheism: Opposing Arguments in Philosophy is available in print and eBook format on Gale eBooks.

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