Through the Library to the Stars

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By Jonathan K.

Throughout elementary school, I was a fiend for library books. I was continually at my limit at my school’s library and the local public library branch. I learned about history from biographies, British humor from weird picture books, myself from some great kids’ fiction, and spycraft from anything I could get my hands on.

But one day I stumbled across a book with a big blue planet on the cover: ‘Isaac Asimov’s Library of the Universe: Neptune, the Farthest Giant’. This set me off on a course of discovery that took me through the travels of Voyagers 1 and 2, through the Orion Nebula, beyond the globular clusters orbiting our Milky Way’s center, to the Andromeda Galaxy and beyond.

Time moved on, my parents never got me the telescope I asked for every birthday and Christmas for four years, and I developed other interests and other ways to occupy my time. Like, you know, college. But astronomy always held an allure and a mystery that I knew I wanted to return to.

My first splurge on becoming a professional software engineer was big binoculars. I graduated to an 8-inch reflector telescope, then joined an astronomy club. I joined the board, became the webmaster and social media manager, and finally rotated through to become the president of the Warren Astronomical Society. We’re a healthy, diverse, active group with professional-quality equipment in our observatory and an outstanding track record of educational engagement with communities throughout southeastern Michigan.

And to think that my contribution to the 53 year history of this great institution started one summer afternoon at the library.Saldos – Entrega gratuita

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