Twist of Fate Brought Me to Work in Libraries!

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By Sharon C. 

I always loved to read, but I never intended to become a librarian. I enjoyed working with children, so I majored in Education in college, but when I graduated with my degree and teaching license, the city of New York was having a hiring freeze due to budget cuts! What to do? I decided I might as well get my Master’s while I was waiting for them to hire teachers again, but earned an MLIS instead, and when I graduated almost immediately, I was hired as a Children’s Librarian at a small Brooklyn, N.Y. branch library. I’ve been a librarian now for 40 years and counting, and I still enjoy my job, working with great staff, learning something new every day as I answer patron questions, and having access to so many books. I wouldn’t change anything about my work experience – it’s a bookworm’s dream!Nike Air Max 270

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