Two Thumbs Up for Women’s Studies Archive: Voice and Vision

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| By Gale Staff |

Voice and Vision, the second installment of the award-winning series, Women’s Studies Archive, looks beyond women’s suffrage to explore critical areas of study, including the abolition of slavery, alcohol and temperance movements, pacifism and political activism, domestic service, education, health and hygiene, divorce and social reform, and much more. 

Recently, ccAdvisor and Library Journal published reviews of Voice and Vision, calling out the scope and diversity of the Women’s Studies Archive and its strength:

“This user-friendly tool for primary-source research is a strong addition for academic libraries supporting research in areas such as women’s history and gender studies, as well as programs that engage in social and historical research. The focus on women’s voices provides an important perspective for research, while the emphasis on female authored works makes it stand out from the crowd.” 
— Gricel Dominguez, Librarian, Florida International University
Published by Library Journal

The strength of Women’s Studies Archive is the scope and diversity of the collections . . . The emphasis on inclusion of material written by, rather than for, women is a welcome change to the abundance of material written from a male perspective . . . Voice and Vision offers users access to valuable primary source material related to women’s issues in the 19th and 20th centuries on a user-friendly platform with the tools necessary to access and interact with the content . . . The search interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate, and will be familiar to users of other Gale databases . . . Women’s Studies Archive offers access to unique collections, spanning two centuries and incorporating a diverse, global perspective—all with the convenience of searching on a user-friendly platform with search tools and functionality that make possible ease of discovery and interactivity.”
— Jennifer A. DeVito, Director of Access & User Services/Associate Librarian, Stony Brook University (NY)
Published by ccAdvisor


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