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At Gale, we truly value your feedback, and are always looking to improve our products in a way that saves time and increases productivity. In response to suggestions and continuous user testing, we are excited to announce that a number of enhancements will automatically become available on February 7, providing increased functionality, easier access to our most used tools, and more. This is what you can expect:

Updated tools on the document page. Send content to Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive with a single click!  These features have been pulled out into the list of tools and the most used features have been moved to the top for easy access.

Enhanced Highlights and Notes. Highlights and notes sent to Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive now include hyperlinked document titles and citation information, making it easier for users to navigate back to the original content and properly cite information.

Products Affected:
Gale Directory Library; Gale eBooks on GVRL including: Scribner Writer Series, Twayne’s Authors Series; Gale Genealogy Connect; Gale Literary Sources including: Book Review Index Plus, Contemporary Authors Online, LitFinder; Literature Resource Center, MLA International Bibliography; Gale Researcher; Health & Wellness Resource Center; InfoTrac including: Academic ASAP, Academic OneFile, Computer Database, Custom Journal, Custom Newspaper, Canadian Periodicals Index Quarterly, Expanded Academic ASAP, General Reference Center, General Reference Center GOLD, Health Reference Center Academic, Informe Académico, Business Collection, General OneFile, LegalTrac, Agriculture Collection, Business Economics and Theory Collection, Culinary Arts Collection, Criminal Justice Collection, Communications and Mass Media Collection, Diversity Studies Collection, Educators Reference Complete, Environmental Studies and Policy, Fine Arts and Music Collection, Gender Studies Collection, Gardening, Landscape and Horticulture, General Science Collection, Home Improvement Collection, Insurance and Liability Collection, Information Science and Library Issues Collection, Military and Intelligence Database Collection, Newsstand, Nursing and Allied Health Collection, Popular Culture Collection, Psychology Collection, Popular Magazines, Professional Collection, Religion and Philosophy Collection, Small Business Collection, Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Collection, Student Edition, Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure, US History Collection, Vocations and Career Collection, World History Collection, War and Terrorism Collection; Kids InfoBitsSmall Business Resource Center; Smithsonian Primary Sources in U.S. History; Research In Context.

Wait, there’s more!
We are pleased to announce the following resources will receive these additional enhancements on February 7.

Health & Wellness Resource Center

Topic Finder enables users to visually discover the context of their search term to uncover hidden connections.

Suggested Topics enhances the search experience by displaying related portal pages based on the user’s search terms.

New homepage spotlight and banner design. This design clearly shows users how to learn more about a featured topic and where to go to browse topics.

Kids InfoBits

Interface translation tool. Now located in the top navigation toolbar. Users can translate the interface into 23 diverse languages to show search options and headers in their selected language.

Research In Context

New homepage spotlight and banner design. This design clearly shows users how to learn more about a featured topic and where to go to browse topics, which is one of the most common actions on the homepage.

Interface translation tool. Now located in the top navigation toolbar. Users can translate the interface into 23 diverse languages to show search options and headers in their selected language.

Improved access to curriculum standards. A streamlined feature allows users to more easily drill down into the standards.


Questions? Contact your Gale Customer Success Manager.

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9 thoughts on “Updates Coming to Gale Resources”

  1. Looks good, but I have a suggestion that I was discussing with a class yesterday about your citations. Would you please include the place of publication in your citations. It is inconvenient to have students google to find out where the publishers are located. What do you think? Thank you for your consideration!.

    • Hi Sharon. I will get your suggestion over to the correct department here at Gale with your email address so they can contact you back!
      Thanks so much for reaching out 🙂

  2. That Black search bar is VERY off-putting. It looks like you just hobbled it together until you can make something else. Also a menu of the types of searches that one might perform would be useful. Because this interface is the same for many outstanding databases one never quite knows what will be searched. Thank you.

    • Hi Tim—
      Thank you for your feedback. Due to customer feedback, the search bar is already on its way to being updated! Stay tuned for the update. I will send your feedback about the search menu to our product team as well 🙂

      Thanks again for reaching out, we really appreciate hearing feedback from customers.

  3. I’m loving the interface with Microsoft!
    My only complaint is that survey that keeps popping up! Our students (middle school) are not going to answer a survey and it is just another barrier they have to click to get to results. I don’t even take the survey!

    • Hi Sandra—
      Glad to hear you are enjoying the Microsoft interface!
      I will send your feedback to our product team to see if there is something we can do about the survey for you!

  4. The new enhancements to Gale are wonderful! Using the databases is a hard sell to middle school students who think that “databases” = elementary school. The ability to highlight and make notes directly on the articles and then send them to a personal drive is the big seller. Thank you for continuing to improve an already great product.

  5. Gale products are always THE best! I promote them to our students on a daily basis! I stress the importance of starting with the Gale databases for any research to avoid “fake news” articles that are so rampant on the internet now. The fact that all of your highlights and notes features, audio features, and more are available are just “icing on the cake”. Thank you for providing such a wonderful service and product for students everywhere (whose school districts purchase your products)!


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