Walking 5 Miles for a Library

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By Barry M. 

I was a Boy Scout when I was twelve, and I needed to complete a 5 mile hike. The world was a safer place then, and my mother and father approved my hiking from our home to the public library downtown, a distance of exactly 2.5 miles. I loaded my pack with (what else) a stack of books that I’d finished reading and needed to return, and set off with my canteen around my neck and hiking boots on my feet. I walked up some long hills, crossed a few streets, carefully waited on stoplights, and deposited myself at the circulation deck of the public library, where my parents had prearranged for me to check in to insure that I had safely arrived. I took a short break, picked out another stack of books, and took off for home. Total hike time was about 2.5 hours, but I completed my hike, my scout requirement, and spent the rest of the afternoon reading.Saldos – Entrega gratuita

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