Westerns: From Hollywood to Print

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Westerns, the most popular Hollywood genre from the early 20th century to the 1960s, are characterized by the life of a nomadic cowboy armed with a revolver and rifle riding a horse, representing the wild, wild West. They are known to embody the spirit, the struggle, and the demise of the new frontier, but the genre doesn’t end in Hollywood. More now than ever, Western novels are emerging, inspired by classics and new films, to set the stage for the movies you know and love.

Take a look below at a list of our favorite Western novels coming to you in hardcover, eBook, and large print over the next several months:

GALLOWAY’S GAMBLE by Howard Weinstein

Influenced by classics like Maverick, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Silverado and The Sting, Galloway’s Gamble is a timeless tale about battling greed and corruption, as relevant today as it was in 1873!

  • New York Times bestselling author
  • Hardcover, eBook, and large print editions available
  • Five Star Trade paperback edition to release early May 2018

“A mixture of struggle, adventure [and] a touch of humor, this read will appeal to those who root for the underdog.”



Recommended for fans of the hit Netlifx series Frontier,  Flight of the Hawk: The River takes us to the 1812 Missouri Fur Trade with a dramatic tale of a violent river paired with murder conspiracies.

  • New York Times bestselling author
  • First in a planned trilogy with Five Star
  • Hardcover, eBook, and large print editions forthcoming (Jan 2018)
  • Five Star Trade paperback edition to release early May 2018

“A fast-paced story of intrigue, set in 1812, during the fur trade and on the brink of war. Well-detailed scenes and an evocative atmosphere and milieu. This is a compelling, well-researched narrative, from beginning to end.”

—John D. Nesbitt, Spur Award-Winning Author

COMANCHE CAPTIVE by D. László Conhaim

An adventure novel of depth and contemporary resonance, equal parts poignant drama and playful homage, Comanche Captive offers a cast of vivid characters faced with the challenges of a divided and yet increasingly blended world.

  • Conhaim created a stunning book trailer
  • Strong female protagonist, historical fiction, Native American fiction combine for an epic novel
  • Hardcover, eBook, and large print editions coming soon (Nov 2017)

Comanche Captive’s rich characterizations bring a fascinating period of American history to life … page-turning … thought-provoking.”

—Michael Belfiore, author of Rocketeers and The Department of Mad Scientists

Adobe Moon by Mark Warren

After taking menial jobs, Wyatt settles down as a constable in Missouri. When his wife and child die, he sinks into a depression where the lines of ethics blur. Wanted by the law he bides his time for a second chance, until in a Kansas cattle town he encounters his destiny as a lawman to be remembered.

  • Readers get an intimate look into the legend Wyatt Earp’s younger years
  • Excellent historical research moves this entry above the average fictionalized biography novel
  • Hardcover, eBook, and large print editions coming this November

“. . . a beautifully crafted narrative . . . captures the essence of Wyatt Earp’s formative years . . . a rollicking tale—entertaining and truly informative”

—Peter Brand, author of The Story of Texas Jack Vermillion

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