The Woman I Wanted to Become

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By Mary M. 

Books have always played a very important part in my life since I was very young. One of the role-models for the woman I wanted to be when I grew up was a young librarian: I grew up during the 1960’s and this librarian was hip! She wasn’t at all the stereotype with gray hair in a bun, glasses, dowdy clothes, and practical shoes. My role model wore mini-skirts, Grecian-style sandals that laced to her knees, and a long, brunette braid that hung over one shoulder (Boys flocked to the library to check out more than books). She was so knowledgeable and guided me to some of the best stories I ever read (Thank you!). She taught me that smart and beautiful go together 🙂 It’s a principle that I try to pass on to the students I have taught and to my niece. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!Air Jordan 1

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