Working Like a Dog

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By Tara Blair 

This work week was unlike any other. I eagerly awaited Thursday—yes, I said Thursday—for a day that otherwise only existed in my dreams. It was the day that Gale celebrated Take Your Dog To Work Day (TYDTWD), where staff members were invited to bring their best friend to the office. As I walked into Gale with my employee badge and my Australian Cattle Dog, I couldn’t help but think, “does this day offer any substantial benefits, or is it just pure amusement?”

After a small amount of research, I found that a doggone good time isn’t the only reward to sharing a cubicle with your four-legged companion.

Sit, stay….and read about all the perks of TYDTWD and check out some photos from Gale’s dog day.

Having a ruff day? Pressures from the boss running high? Stress will no longer be an issue to bark about with your calming canine by your side. A study conducted by Virginia Commonwealth University found those who brought their pooches to work experienced steady decline in stress throughout the day, while employees without pups reported an increase in stress. No hound to call your own? No problem! Walking or playing with a co-worker’s pet seems to effectively alleviate tensions as well. Say “good boy“—I mean “good-bye”—to stress and “hello” to TYDTWD!

Bringing your pal to work also increases morale, happiness, and productivity. Hot dog! Who knew that 74% of workers leave work happier when pups are allowed in the workplace? Employees not only enjoy the occasional kiss from their four-legged friend, but they also appreciate the potty breaks where they can feel the sun for a few minutes before returning to work. The rise in good feelings also leads to lower absentee rates, especially when pet owners know they don’t have to leave their pets at home bored and lonely. With thoughts of the dog ripping up the kitchen floor no longer preoccupying employee’s minds, productivity is said to increase, keeping us obedient, when Fido is welcome in the workplace.

Faithful companions can even help break the ice with new employees, or enhance relationships with current colleagues.  Workers and dog lovers alike will be lining up to ask questions about your best friend, improving employee connections and creating lasting friendships. This doesn’t seem too far-fetched, considering the welcoming atmosphere it’s said dogs bring to the office.

Plus, meetings are bound to get off to a good start with a lovable furry creature in the room, longing for a belly rub or a face to affectionately slobber on. Most importantly though, your best friend might not sit at the door wondering where you go for 40 hours a week.

Here’s to a happier, healthier (and maybe hairier) workplace!

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All facts were found using Gale periodical collections on InfoTrac linked from Google Drive thanks to Gale’s integration with Google Apps for Education tools.


About the Author

Tara is a current student at Eastern Michigan University and intern for Gale. In her (very rare) free time, she enjoys the finer things in life like relaxing and taking long walks on the beach. One day she hopes to graduate, move from intern to career, and enjoy not going to class for hours after work. Until then, she relishes writing blogs for all of Gale’s fine followers.


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