Worldmark Global Health and Medicine Issues:

a “Comprehensive” and “Informative” Resource

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Posted on May 20, 2016

Searching for “very useful” information on global health and medicine issues in the modern world?  Worldmark Global Health and Medicine Issues, 1st Edition addresses health and medicine topics relevant to everyone’s lives across the globe. Organized alphabetically, the encyclopedia gives readers easy access to authoritative information on various topics.

This article was published in Booklist‘s May 15, 2016 issue; by Barbara Bibel. Read what she had to say!

CONTENT With the speed of modern travel and the global connections of commerce and industry, health issues quickly become international. This new encyclopedia does an excellent job of placing health and medical problems within social, political, and economic contexts. Using primary source documents, photographs, charts, and graphs to supplement the text, the book provides a brief but comprehensive overview of 90
topics affecting world health.

The signed articles are arranged alphabetically. They are approximately six pages long and include an introduction, historical background, impacts and issues, future implications, a bibliography, and a sidebar that discusses a related topic. Some entries include a primary source document. The articles cover a broad range of public-health issues: air pollution, child health, vulnerable populations, cultural and traditional medicine, and fungal diseases. A chronology from 1854 through 2015 documents important events in the history of public health, and a glossary defines important relevant terms. A list of selected organizations and advocacy groups that includes government and nongovernment organizations, foundations, and biotechnology companies provides access to further information.

With coverage of topics such as antibiotic resistance, genital modification, and health in the various World Health Organization regions, Worldmark Global Health and Medicine Issues will be a very useful resource for academic, school, and public libraries. Students and general readers seeking information and background for reports or greater understanding of what they read in the daily news will find it here.

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