Google Sign In and Tools Available within Gale In Context Resources

Posted on June 25, 2015

Exciting News! Now available through Gale’s In Context suite of products is the ability for students to seamlessly login using Google Account credentials. The Gale In Context products that will provide this new Google functionality include Biography, Canada, Opposing Viewpoints, Science, Student Resources, U.S. History and World History. Now a Google for Education* partner, this new relationship supports Gale’s efforts to evolve from a traditional library content provider into the ed tech space by providing the educational technology, instructional tools and content to help our users be successful in school, work and life.

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Guest Blog: How to Sell Students on the Benefits of Databases

By Lauren Newman, Library, Media, and Technology Specialist, Northern Burlington County Regional Middle School

Google is amazing, isn’t it? What did we do before its cultural proliferation? As a veteran middle school media specialist, I accept that none of my students remember a world without Google because they were not alive to experience it. However, I also know that Google can’t always satisfy one’s needs. I understand how much more information is out there that is inaccessible to Google. I have been trained on databases and the “invisible web.” I value what else I can find from authoritative, reputable sources. My students, well, they’re a different story.

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Librarians Bridge Access and Availability Gaps with Technology

GVRL eBook Success Story

Part of any librarian’s job is to provide access to information people may not immediately know they need, exists, or is accessible. Amy Calhoun, Virtual Branch Coordinator at the Sacramento Public Library, understands this challenge as well as anyone. It’s why she and her colleague Laurie Willis, an Electronic Resources Librarian at the San Jose Public Library, both set out to find a solution designed to ensure people would have access to information when and where it was needed.

“It just made sense to expand our offerings,” Calhoun said. Expanding her library’s science related content and making sure the information was current quickly became a priority.

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