5 Tips for Effective Allyship in the Classroom

| By Joel Meredith, Course Lecturer, Purdue University | When you think back, who was that one teacher or professor whose impact remains with you today? Someone who recognized your talent when you couldn’t see it or whose encouragement helped you foster a sense of self-belief. For many educators, paying it forward to a new … Read more

Pioneering Women: Trailblazers of Inspirational Stories

| By Gale Staff | Biography is a powerful classroom tool for all grade levels. When students learn through the real stories and experiences of others, they gain role models, discover critical lessons in perseverance, and develop important perspectives on the period in which a person lived. This March, we encourage K-12 educators to find … Read more

Explore St. Patrick’s Day History and Traditions

| By Gale Staff | Whether sharing a meal of corned beef and cabbage, watching a parade through the city, or simply sporting a green outfit, there are many fun and fascinating ways to observe St. Patrick’s Day. While not a federally recognized holiday, more than half of Americans partake in the celebration, regardless of … Read more

My Journey Through Bayard Rustin’s Legacy

| By Joel Meredith, Course Lecturer, Purdue University | Looking back on my undergrad years, there’s plenty of nostalgia. Eighties nights at a downtown dive bar, midnight Tim Hortons runs—and somehow managing to wake up for class after three or four hours of sleep. But even then, I wouldn’t describe my college experience as typical. The Princeton … Read more

New Titles for Gale OneFile, December 2023

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Iconic Apple Commercial Debuts, December 31, 1983

| By J. Robert Parks | Television commercials that have resonated with the U.S. public have historically relied on jingles, catchphrases, or quirky humor. Yet one of the most famous ads in television history had none of those. Instead, it featured a dystopic vision based on George Orwell’s book 1984 and didn’t even show the … Read more

Share the Story Behind the 19th Amendment

Women’s suffrage is a relatively recent accomplishment in U.S. history. On August 26, U.S. Secretary of State Bainbridge Colby officially certified the 19th Amendment, which legally protected a woman’s right to vote. The original U.S. Constitution did not guarantee women that right, and the ultimate success of the women’s suffrage movement demanded years of turmoil … Read more

Supporting Women in STEM: How the Men as Allies Program Got Started

| By Eric Galis, Chief Information Security Officer, Cengage Group | As Cengage’s chief information security officer (CISO), I have worked my way through the ranks of cybersecurity and witnessed countless examples of tech industries remaining a “boys club.” As a consultant in cybersecurity, I silently heard too many misogynistic jokes; a fact that I … Read more