Discover the Life of Ralph E. Brock

| By Gale Staff | Environmentalism is important to today’s university students. For some, campus sustainability initiatives factor into their overall enrollment decisions, and there’s been a significant increase in the number of environmental studies degrees awarded in the past few years. However, the sustainability field often highlights the same key figures, such as Rachel … Read more

Equip Students with Essential ELA Skills

| By Gale Staff | You have to have a particular kind of passion to be an ELA teacher. One that compels you to dig deep past the words on the page to find the soul of the story—the era in which it was penned, the societal norms that the author faced, and the personal … Read more

See the Top Skills Patrons Are Learning on Gale Presents: Udemy

| By Gale Staff | From developing technical skills that support career advancement to learning soft skills that support personal growth, patrons accomplish their goals with the help of librarians who connect them to high-quality, self-paced courses on Gale Presents: Udemy. With over 25,000 courses in over 75 categories, Gale Presents: Udemy offers diverse options … Read more

Garrett Morgan, an American Hero

Garrett A. Morgan invented the first intelligent transportation safety device.His safety inventions saved thousands of lives. |By Chilton Staff | When a natural gas explosion asphyxiated tunnel workers and six rescue teams under Lake Erie in 1916, police called Garrett Morgan, inventor of a gas mask, in the middle of the night. He and his … Read more

Empower the Next Generation of Informed Citizens

| By Gale Staff | It can be nerve-wracking to invite high schoolers to engage in discourse about controversial topics. You run the risk of sparking what Lee Warren of Harvard University’s Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning calls “hot moments.” However, it’s our job as educators to ensure that our classrooms are safe … Read more

New Ford Service Manual Data from ChiltonLibrary

| By Chilton Staff | The ChiltonLibrary OEM (original equipment maker) data is written by Ford and Lincoln engineers to aid dealer technicians, so it’s detailed and complete. You’ll find the Ford and Lincoln OEM data is rich with authoritative, step-by-step procedures, illustrations, specifications, and more that ChiltonLibrary users require. And, as vehicles evolve, ChiltonLibrary keeps … Read more

Enhance Classroom Instruction with Gale In Context

What does lesson planning look like for you? If you’re like many educators, it consists of carefully evaluating resource after resource, hand-selecting the best material, and figuring out a way to weave it all together into a logical, organized flow. You spend time scrubbing through YouTube videos to check for inappropriate language, creating text sets … Read more

Exploring the Gale Digital Scholar Lab as a Student of International Relations

| By Alyssa Anderson, Gale Ambassador at Florida International University | International Relations involves critical analysis for most of its topics, from global conflict to climate change. With the Gale Digital Scholar Lab, this research gets easier to navigate (and much less time-consuming)! The Gale Digital Scholar Lab is a cutting-edge, data-mining tool that accesses … Read more