British Broadcasting Company (BBC) Celebrates Its Centennial

| By J. Robert Parks | On October 18, 1922, the British Broadcasting Company was founded. Known throughout the world as the BBC, it was originally a private company that was granted a monopoly on wireless communication. Of course, in those days, wireless communication had nothing to do with cell phones or texting. Instead, it … Read more

Catholic Church Reverses Ban on Galileo’s Writings

Two hundred years ago this week, on September 11, 1822, the Catholic Church formally removed Galileo Galilei’s writings from its Index of Prohibited Books. Despite the fact that Galileo was a devoted Catholic, the conflict between him and the Catholic Church over the view of the sun, and not the earth, as the center of … Read more

India and Pakistan Gain Independence 75 Years Ago

| By Gale Staff | Seventy-five years ago this week, two of the world’s most populous countries, India and Pakistan, gained their independence. The entire Indian subcontinent had been under the colonial rule of Great Britain since the mid-nineteenth century, and Britain finally acceded to India’s and Pakistan’s independence on August 15, 1947 (although Pakistan … Read more

Understanding the Ukraine Crisis

| By Gale Staff | From Kyiv to Kharkiv to the seaport town of Odessa, the people of Ukraine are living on a battlefield. Millions of people, their homes, their businesses, their way of life destroyed or abandoned after Putin’s invasion in February 2022. The war in Ukraine began Europe’s first major war in decades, … Read more