A Second School and a Second Home

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By Alison B. 

For me, few things come as close to that new box of crayons feeling as walking into a library, and feeling yourself surrounded by books: old, new, big, small; books to devour and books to cling fast to, to come back to again and again with delight. My hometown library was a second school and a second home. Every summer I looked forward to participating in the reading program. All summer, I wrote down each book I had read, looking back with pride at the end of August at what I had accomplished. I would run up the stairs and then plant myself in one of the aisles, examining each spine for the book I would choose next. The library hosted a writing contest, which I participated in, as well as various speakers, readers, and family events. My girl scout troop met at the library; I once even had a surprise birthday party thrown there for me. Later on, in high school, I volunteered to teach a creative writing class to elementary school students. For two summers, I got to share my love of reading and writing with other eager library-goers. Even now, I feel that the library has a funny way of being everything for everyone who appreciates the pursuit of knowledge and experiences a real joy in thinking creatively. It becomes, in itself, a place you could only read about, a place beyond limits, where anything is possible.Boots

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