Libraries in My Life

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By Leslie T. 

When I was a child, my family had a biweekly ritual: We would all go to the library, where we spent hours looking for books on every subject-from the mainstream to the obscure. When we got home, we would each spend the rest of the day reading, sharing ideas or just phrases from our books with each other. We lived in an isolated area, and going to the library was an important family event. In college, I reveled in the availability of books on every subject. I would get interested in a subject and read twenty books on it. Then I moved on to the next. As an adult, the first time I read an eBook was when I checked it out from the local library. The first time I used a database, it was at the library. The library is inextricably entwined with who I am and what I know about the world. The fact that the library is free or nearly so is a generous gift that I gladly accept!Cheap Air Jordan 1 Mid Smoke Grey Black Shoes 554724-092

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