American Governance: An “Exceptional” Resource

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Searching for  “exceptional” content suitable for high school or undergraduate students? Your search stops here with American Governance. Supported by images and primary source documents, the 700 original, peer-reviewed entries written by content specialists present topics of American governance in a clear and compelling manner. American Governance engages users in developing higher understanding of America’s complete system of governance.

This title was reviewed on Booklist OnlineAugust 2016

“This exceptional five-volume set defines governance as the “process of guiding a political system, its peoples, and their institutions” and broadly canvasses the intellectual foundations, constitutional and legal framework, and the more democratic interplay of the American citizenry in civil society. The 737 signed entries span chronologically from the ideological foundations in the colonial period to the fallout from the war on terror.The lengthy list of notable contributors includes Murry Dry, Paul Finkelman, Mark Graber, Peter Charles Hoffer, Peter Onuf, and Melvin Urofsky. The writing is consistently of first-rate scholarship, and the scope is inclusive enough to fill any related collection gaps. . . . A prefatory thematic outline makes searching the intimidating text a bit more manageable. Tacked on at the end are the central documents of America’s political system, including the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and a few of the seminal Federalist Papers. This is a fine set, suitable for high-school and undergraduate collections.”

Brian Odom, Booklist, August, 2016


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