Announcing the Stars of Our 2015 Catalog

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We asked for models, and—whoa—did we get ‘em!

Yes, we have been absolutely overwhelmed by the level of enthusiasm with which our open casting call was met. Thank you for choosing to share your passions and your smiling faces with us as part of this contest. We love hearing about how you are using your skills to change your communities—keep up the great work!

Now, it is with great excitement that we announce our casting picks. They are:

  1. Business – Stevie Mikayne
  2. Education & Reference – Robin Hofstetter
  3. Health & Medicine – Adam Eickmeyer
  4. History – Chris Pinckney
  5. Law – Kyle K. Courtney, Esq.
  6. Literature – Dr. Braxton Cosby
  7. Travel & World Culture – Khanh Ha
  8. Science – Emily Dubuc
  9. Social Science – Elizabeth Yutzey

If you’ve been selected to star in our catalog, expect to receive a follow-up email later today with a release form and more information on what to expect next.

If you haven’t been selected, it doesn’t mean we didn’t love your entry! We may have a different opportunity to model for us in the future or to share your passions via guest posts to our blog. Please let us know if you’d like to be considered for these upcoming opportunities by emailing [email protected].

And, to everyone, a gigantic thank you!Ανδρικά Nike

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