April Adventures Deliver Unique Journeys of Escapism

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Great reads can send you to faraway places, transporting you both physically and emotionally. Or, they can make you feel as if a mirror is being held to your life, capturing your state of being. Our April selections have the potential to do both as they explore the lives of two women – one on a journey of freedom, the other catapulted into doomsday – and a wayward dragon on a destructive path.

Get a Life, Chloe Brown, by Talia Hibbert
ISBN: 9781432877361

Chloe Brown is a lot of things – chronically ill, a computer geek, a wealthy girl from a society family. After a close brush with death she decides to make her life worth living with plans that include camping, motorcycles, travel, drunkenness, oh, and meaningless sex. She hadn’t planned to have an accomplice, but Red, her building superintendent is hard to resist and even with so much baggage, proves to be just what the doctor ordered.  

“A revelation. Hilarious, heartfelt, and hot. Hibbert is a major talent.”
– Kirkus

Named a Best Romance of 2019 by Entertainment Weekly, Publishers Weekly, Kirkus, Apple, and Amazon.

Highfire, by Eoin Colfer
ISBN: 9781432877798

Vern, an ancient dragon, is content to wallow in alcohol, self-pity and loneliness in the Louisiana bayou. When Vern grudgingly finds he needs help, if only to fetch his vodka and questionable internet purchases, he hires 15-year-old “Squib” as his assistant. As the two develop an unlikely friendship, they’re secretly watched by Regence Hooke, a dirty cop intent on using the duo to expand his reign of despicable acts.

“This no-holds-barred yarn is good fun from start to finish.”
– Publishers Weekly

“A fun, unusual contemporary fantasy that doesn’t skimp on violence.”
– Kirkus

Weather, by Jenny Offhill
ISBN: 9781432877729

You may be tempted to sneak this title before your readers get a chance! It tells Lizzie’s story, a librarian exhausted by her family’s overwhelming needs. Her anxiety accelerates when she takes a second job answering emails for a popular podcast about futurism. Left wingers, right wingers, a polarizing presidential debate – it all drives her to believe doomsday is fast approaching.

“Offhill offers an acerbic observer with a wide-ranging mind in this marvelous novel.”
– Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“[A] stealthily resonant tale of a woman trying to keep others, and herself, from ‘tipping into the abyss’.”
– Booklist (starred review)

Large print titles are available to purchase through Thorndike Press and through all major wholesalers.

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