April Is Car Care Month

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| By Chilton Staff |

Stop-and-go traffic is normal for Evelyn on her drive home after work. When one day she saw the engine coolant temperature warning light come on, she slowly made her way to the side of the road. But by the time she found a place to pull over, her car had overheated and would not restart. She waited 45 minutes for a tow truck. When she talked with the mechanic the next day, he mentioned that good maintenance can prevent getting stranded and having to make expensive repairs. Though modern vehicles are usually reliable marvels, they do need some TLC at times.

April Car Care Month is a reminder that keeping our vehicles safe and road-ready brings peace of mind. And with spring’s warming days, auto enthusiasts dream of bringing their treasured vehicles out of storage and preparing them for summer drives.

Whether your patrons plan to work on their vehicles themselves or go to a shop, invite them to consult ChiltonLibrary’s comprehensive database. They’ll find detailed information for nearly 20,000 vehicles to assist drivers with car and truck maintenance and service.

To help with planning for vehicle service, patrons can access automaker maintenance recommendations specific to the year, make, and model. And for those doing their own maintenance, Chilton shares what the automaker specifies for best performance, such as the type of oil and how much is needed, or the type and amount of coolant, refrigerant, and brake fluid.

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ChiltonLibrary is a valuable resource for those keeping their vehicles safe and reliable. Not a subscriber? Contact your representative or request a free trial.

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