Art Education @ Your library

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By Marie M.

I was fortunate enough to start work / teaching at the Jacksonville Public Library system 10 years ago! I love that I get the experience to teach art to children (ages 1-14) and their caregivers. This is a unique experience which is not available many other art education venues. The library is the perfect place to teach art; we have resources to pull from, a great non-judgmental environment, and freedom to attend… best of all: It’s FREE!

Over the years, I have been granted the privilege to pass on my love of art to many children and their parents. It’s great to see them come back and tell me how they miss those years when their kids were toddlers or preschoolers and they sat together to make an art project.
The library changed my life as an educator. My reach is far greater than if I was in a school.Air Jordan

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