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| By Lindsey Gervais, Digital Learning Manager |

As you may have seen in our previous blog post, we’re releasing a new Gale Digital Scholar Lab experience for our researchers, instructors, and learners. While you’re waiting for these exciting enhancements, we’ve compiled our Back to School Teaching and Learning Tools in the Gale Digital Scholar Lab to keep you fueled for the semester and beyond. 

  1. Get Inspired: Jumpstart research instruction with Gale Primary Sources
    • Get ready for text and data mining by exploring our content. With the development of information literacy skills at the forefront, our new advanced search provides newer researchers with search strategy suggestions to get to the content they need in our archives. 
  2. Engage with Us: Did you know Gale Digital Scholar Lab’s Learning Center was designed by experts in research, teaching, and learning? 
    • Our Digital Humanities Specialists and Digital Learning Manager understand the challenges that come with teaching and learning new methodologies and technologies. They can help you prepare to learn, teach, and research with new tools.
  3. Start Learning: Learning documentation and instructional videos from our Gale Digital Scholar Lab Learning Center are available throughout the Build, Clean, Analyze workflow. 
    • Whether you’re a fresh new learner or looking to refresh and refine your text and data mining knowledge, learning scaffolds are embedded in the Lab for quick and easy access while you’re working. All of the basics and more are covered in our learning documentation, videos, and images—all designed and developed by college instructors. 
  4. Discover opportunities: Our Sample Projects serve as guided models for end-to-end projects carried out in Gale Digital Scholar Lab
    • Replicate, iterate, or ideate using three sample projects that build critical analysis skills throughout each phase of the workflow. 
  5. Transform Teaching: Visit our curriculum materials section to learn how to integrate Gale Digital Scholar Lab into the scope and sequence of your course. Or start fresh with our templates! Everything needed to build (or supplement) a course using this tool is there with best practices for teaching and learning at the forefront. 

That sounds great, so now what?! My semester awaits! Take a peek at our website and when you’re ready, reach out to us: [email protected]

Meet the Author
Lindsey Gervais, PhD, is a digital learning manager at Gale where she assists in the learning design and development of the Gale Digital Scholarship Program. With a doctorate background and research recognition in the field of Cognition, Instruction, and Learning Technology, Lindsey is helping to elevate the instructional framework of the Gale Digital Scholar Lab. She is a graduate of UCONN and taught Educational Psychology and Research Practicum for undergraduate and graduate students for six years. She also prides herself on her creativity, extensive coffee knowledge, and devotion to the performing arts.

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