The Advanced Search Redesign: Supporting the Research Process

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| By the Gale Product Team |

On December 18, Gale released substantive enhancements to its Advanced Search feature, focused on providing users with built-in learning tools to facilitate improved searching within Gale products.

Before this change, we spoke with dozens of faculty and librarians, who reported:

  • Teaching users how to effectively search databases is challenging.
  • Time spent searching for content reduces time better spent reading and interrogating documents.

In response to this feedback, the new Advanced Search design:

  • Clearly describes exactly what the selected search field does.
  • Provides useful tips for employing advanced methods, like Boolean and proximity operators.


  1. Each search index is paired with a description that lets users know exactly what the index searches for within the content. This description dynamically updates as users select different indexes.
  2. Boolean search tips are embedded directly within the page itself, for ease of access. These tips were previously only available within the product help file.
  3. Search limiters feature tool tips to provide users with more information on how to use the limiters to further narrow a search.

The Advanced Search redesign is part of a broader Gale initiative to further establish our resources as teaching and learning tools and to support greater information literacy. These updates simplify the research process by providing useful tips and information directly within a user’s workflow, to help them get the most out of their search experience.

The enhancements apply to the Gale OneFile, Gale In Context, Gale eBooks, Gale Literature, and Gale Primary Sources* product lines as well as Gale Business: Entrepreneurship and Gale Health and Wellness.

*Select exceptions apply.

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