Cameron’s Professional Development Collection: Preparing for Teen Mental Health

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| By Nicole Albrecht |

Cameron’s Collection was built on the foundation of hope; hope that if teens were struggling with anxiety, depression, stress, or other forms of mental health issues, that they could reach into this collection and find the answers they were seeking. Mental health issues are on the rise and with the focus shifting into the classroom and the curriculum, schools are in need of resources. Thinking about the teachers and counselors who are trying to handle their students’ mental health, we wanted to suggest some Professional Development resources that took the values and principles of Cameron’s Collection, but applied them for professional development.

The professional development titles that support Cameron’s Collection features titles that are for teachers who have students struggling with mental health issues, how to create a peaceful and safe classroom, as well as how to manage their own stress and anxiety. The Zen Teacher by  Dave Burgess Consulting helps teachers focus, slow-down, and create a tranquil classroom for their students to thrive in. The “zen” approach is the idea of self-control, meditation, and being aware of one’s thoughts so that everyone can benefit from each other. The zen teacher has the power to influence and improve the lives of their students.

One of the key values of Cameron’s Collection, in general, is the idea of mindfulness. Mindfulness is experiencing everything in the present and being able to train your mind to stay aware of thoughts and emotions. The Mindful School Leader by Corwin is a great resource for school administrators to stay focused and be present during meetings, challenging situations, and becoming a positive presence among staff and teachers.

For teachers who need to create balance in their personal and professional lives, there are many titles to support this. The Frazzled Teacher’s Wellness Plan by Corwin takes into account the stressful environment teachers face every day and how to release the stress, create healthier priorities, and how to say goodbye to the people and things that bring negative energy. We all have bad days and sometimes it is hard not to bring that baggage home or bring our home-life baggage to work. Even on Your Worst Day, You Can be a Student’s Best Hope by ASCD helps teachers become aware of their challenging position and how to prepare for it daily. The idea is that every teacher makes a difference in the lives of their students and being able to recognize the difference, take pride, and foster the results in their students is necessary.

For counselors, there are many titles across the collection that will benefit their positions. Culturally Considerate School Counseling by Corwin is a title that every counselor should have on hand. This eBook provides strategies for counselors to independently research and reflect on each of the students they assist and gives counselors tools for working with diverse student populations and how to honor each student’s individuality.

There are other wonderful titles that reflect the Cameron’s Collection for administrators, educators, and school staff. Topics include fostering resilient learners, drawing on student strengths, teaching the whole child, creating a peaceful school, and teaching students of diversity.

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Nicole is a certified high school teacher from Michigan. She has her Master’s degree in Curriculum & Instruction with a focus on Adolescent Literacy. As a former teacher, Nicole recognizes the importance of curating eBook collections that meet the needs of the school and students. She loves reading and spending time with her parrot, Turkey.

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