Support the Whole Child with Essential SEL Resources

| By Gale Staff | Where do you turn when you’re struggling? For students in schools today, the answer isn’t always simple. One in five teens in the United States suffer from mental health challenges. But according to the Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation, more than 75% don’t seek help.1 That’s one of the reasons Heather … Read more

Cameron’s Professional Development Collection: Preparing for Teen Mental Health

| By Nicole Albrecht | Cameron’s Collection was built on the foundation of hope; hope that if teens were struggling with anxiety, depression, stress, or other forms of mental health issues, that they could reach into this collection and find the answers they were seeking. Mental health issues are on the rise and with the … Read more

Speak Up with Gale

One out of every five teens1 suffers from mental illness. Cameron Gallagher was one such teen. A bright and talented young girl battling depression and anxiety, Cameron’s dream was to raise awareness about the topic. At the tender age of 16, she suddenly passed away from an undiagnosed heart condition. Her legacy and efforts live … Read more