Highlighting Contributions of Jewish Americans

| By Carol Brennan | May is Jewish American Heritage Month, and this blog post highlighting the contributions of Jewish Americans could theoretically consume several hours of your reading time today. However, we have narrowed it down to a concise, but by no means comprehensive, the highlight of four centuries of Jewish American achievement — … Read more

Law Day: Empower Patrons with Gale LegalForms

“In a democracy, the highest office is the office of citizen.” – Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter | By Gale Staff | May 1, 2024, marks the 66th anniversary of Law Day, a holiday proposed by American Bar Association (ABA) President Charles S. Ryne to celebrate the rule of law as the bedrock of our … Read more

Elevate Instruction with Upgrades in Gale Interactive: Science

| By Gale Staff | Find more tools to engage students in science instruction with the latest enhancements in Gale Interactive: Science. Discover how to make learning seamless in Canvas or Schoology with deep linking. Plus, explore 15 new 3D models available to provide hands-on lessons in biology, physics, chemistry, and more. Share Activities in … Read more

New ReadSpeaker Enhancements for Improved Accessibility

| By Gale Staff | Small steps toward more accessible resources lead to leaps in equitable learning opportunities. This April, we’re upgrading all Gale resources with ReadSpeaker technology to a new, enhanced version to improve experiences for your learners and researchers. ReadSpeaker is a text-to-speech tool that enables users to listen to content, read along … Read more

Boost Library Attendance this Summer

| By Gale Staff | Public libraries play a vital role in our communities over the summer months. They offer a safe, accessible place for families, host free enrichment activities for community members, and encourage children to read and grow academically. According to one study from the School Library Journal, 97% of U.S. public libraries … Read more

April Celebrates National Arab American Heritage Month

| By Carol Brennan | April is National Arab American Heritage Month, an opportunity to honor the contributions of a diverse and especially resilient class of American immigrants and their descendants. Each month, Gale In Context: Biography is refreshed with new names from the fields of entertainment, science, politics, sports, the arts, and social activism. … Read more

Head Outside for Improved Mental Health

| By Gale Staff | Millions of Americans struggle with their mental health, though many forgo treatment due to cost, stigma, and accessibility issues. For this reason, free community wellness resources—such as those often available through a public library—play a critical role in mental health information and outreach. Readily available information and low-cost or free … Read more

Shedding Light on the April 2024 Solar Eclipse

| By K. Lee Lerner | The product of celestial mechanics, Earth’s rotational dynamics, and one’s vantage point, a total solar eclipse will cross swaths of Mexico, the U.S., and Canada on April 8, 2024. It will be the last total solar eclipse visible in the continental U.S. until 2044. So many people are reportedly … Read more